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PRESS RELEASE: Announcing EliteProspects and ICEBERG Sports Analytics Partnership

These are exciting times at EliteProspects and EP Rinkside. Starting today, we’re entering a partnership with ICEBERG Sports Analytics to bring you the best, most detailed information possible about the NHL’s stars of tomorrow.

First, a little bit about ICEBERG. The company was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 2015, with one hockey team as its customer base and three employees to service them. Today, ICEBERG works with over 130 hockey teams in 17 different countries and has over 70 employees.

ICEBERG is an industry-leading ice hockey analytics software company. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms, their platform uses digital video as an input to generate statistics with which to objectively analyze team play, game trends, and individual player performance.

Their platform provides precise, accurate information that limits human error, misinterpretation, and omission. Their output data can be applied to the junior, collegiate, and professional levels alike.

As part of the agreement, ICEBERG will provide EliteProspects and EP Rinkside with advanced analytics and player tracking metrics for NHL Entry Draft and NHL prospects. You can expect them to play a big role in the upcoming team-by-team prospect pool ranking series, starting at around the mid-day point on Monday.

This is what ICEBERG Director of Marketing Blair Brewer has to say on the partnership…

‘We are extremely excited to be working with EliteProspects. EliteProspects is the premier site for hockey statistics and prospect data. We look forward to helping EliteProspects continue to provide fans and management with engaging and informative content on the top prospects from around the world.’

As EliteProspects’ official advanced analytics partner, ICEBERG will utilize its advanced AI, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms to automatically deliver EP Rinskide advanced data on hockey’s top prospects.

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