This new app that NHL legend Gary Roberts has developed aims to help people maintain a high-level of fitness and exercise at all times.

Gary Roberts’ new HPT app Offers High-Level Fitness, Nutrition, Exercise Regimen to All

Gary Roberts was that guy. That guy on his hockey team who brought his own food. His own mixer. He ate right. He trained right. As a result, he got to play until the age of 42 and he transitioned that into his app; the Gary Roberts high-performance training platform.

“Our focus is hockey, but any athlete can get it, matter of fact, anybody can get it,” Roberts told EliteProspects. “It is very easy. You download the Gary Roberts app on your phone. You purchase a license and create a profile; your progress is tracked. There’s a daily assessment that you would fill out that has a list of questions to keep you on track in regards to your nutrition and your recovery. My whole philosophy is built around that: fuel; train; recover.”

One reason pro athletes succeed in staying in shape is they get into a routine and once a person does that for a while they tend to stick to it.

“What we’re trying to do is create a routine for the athlete. They go on daily to plug in what they did the day before. It will ask: Did you train yesterday? How does your body feel today? “ Roberts added. “Which meals did you eat yesterday that were healthy? There are checkboxes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. How much water did you drink? And depending on how they answer, the system will provide a daily wellness score. The workout that they’re supposed to do each day pops up on their phone. Really, we try to create some accountability by asking the athlete to log in every day.”

Days off are important and Roberts addressed that in this app as well.

“The app will ask what did you do as a recovery strategy yesterday,” Roberts stated. “What did you do on your day off to help you? It’s important to follow the schedule, and that includes days off. We will move the athlete on to the next phase once the current phase has been completed.”

While playing in Tampa coach Barry Melrose remarked to me about the great shape Roberts was in. He was tickled by it, to be honest.

“I thought the changes I made at 30-years-old gave me 12 more years in the NHL that I never would have had,” Roberts revealed. “It’s how I fuelled, trained and recovered, tools I now share with athletes through this app. I fell in love with preparation, that became my passion, and it still is today.”

Bringing it to the ice, when an athlete is doing this they’re looking to see changes on the ice in their game and Roberts understands that all too well.

“I would say 100% my strength, my speed, my power, all improved in my 30’s, “said the former Toronto Maple Leafs star. “Between 30 and I’d say 37, those seven years of my life. I felt like the fittest I’ve been as an NHL hockey player because of what I had changed.”

His teammates noticed what he was doing.

“Players did see me making protein shakes. My gym bag for a two-day road trip was a lot bigger than everybody else’s because it was full of snacks. Guys would say ‘you’re crazy, what are you doing?’. Then it was ‘oh I’m hungry, can you make me a shake on the plane?’. I started making them in the back of the plane and say ‘two bucks’. If I was going to bring shakes and snacks on the airplane you were going to pay for it. I’m kidding but that’s when players started to see what I was all about and that was at 30.”

With self-quarantine, Roberts mentioned how people could still do the program.

“I’ll be honest. If you’re lucking enough to be near a grocery store you can shop there. If not, you can look for options. You want to keep your diet pretty simple.” Steamed vegetables, lean proteins, he suggested. “Even NHL players, limit your starches and carbs now. It’s not necessary if you’re not burning them.

“For people in general, try and get to the grocery store and buy lots of snacks. Lots of vegetables and fruits and nut mixes. I’m a big believer in grazing throughout the day and not just eating three huge meals a day. If you eat little bits throughout the day, you’re always burning and have energy. The big spikes and crashes — that’s what we’re trying to get athletes to avoid.”

We all recognize that players aren’t going to be in game shape when they return to the ice, but I always say, you’ve got to stay close. Along with the strength workouts on the app, go find a hill and a strip of grass to get your energy system workouts in.”


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