EliteProspects Presents Free Access to The Coaches Site’s Virtual Hockey Summit

The Coaches Site’s Virtual Hockey Summit has something for everyone, whether you’re a fan, a coach, a player, or someone looking to refine their knowledge of the game they love.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable insights from some of the best minds in the hockey world.

That’s why EliteProspects has teamed up with The Coaches Site to grant you unfettered access to this two-day online event. There will be 30 presentations on coaching, player development, and leadership, as well as mental conditioning, and diversity and inclusion training.

Here’s the best part — it’s all free! That’s right. Free.

Complimentary access to this year’s Virtual Hockey Summit, presented by The Coaches Site, is just one of the many perks of an EliteProspects Premium membership.

The Coaches Site supports the development of leadership skills all the while creating a positive yet competitive culture in rinks across the hockey world. Most often, that culminates in a coaches conference every July, as it has for the last nine years. The COVID pandemic resulted in the cancellation of this year’s event, and the inaugural Virtual Hockey Summit has stepped into the breach.

This global event will include technical presentations, on-ice demonstrations, panel discussions, and interviews with some of the best and most interesting people in all levels of hockey.

Entrance to this event usually costs $250.00 per ticket, but your EliteProspects Premium membership allows you to waive the fee for online attendance. The conference will take place this Friday, September 25th and on Saturday, September 26th.

It will also be made available on-demand for the 30 days that follow the event.

Here is just a small list of just some of the big names set to grace the digital stage of this year’s event.

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