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The Hockey PDOcast, Episode 418: Going All-In in Vegas

Jesse Granger joins the show to discuss the Vegas Golden Knights trading for Jack Eichel, their aggressive team-building strategy, how they're going to make all of the pieces fit when they get healthy and how they're trying to survive in the meantime. Topics include:

  • Why the Golden Knights traded for Eichel
  • Why they were in a unique position to do so
  • Trading draft picks for proven talent
  • The pros and cons of their team-building strategy
  • How to optimally use him when he returns
  • Idea of paying a premium for centers
  • Making all of the money fit under the cap
  • Struggles to stay afloat with current personnel
  • The context of Alex Pietrangelo's stats so far
  • Balancing the short term vs. the long term

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