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EP Rinkside 3 Stars: That's nice

I'm not really sure if I always think the start to the season is really fun or if the start of this season in particular has felt like it's really fun, but: It's felt like the start of the 2022-23 season is really fun.

Maybe this is the kind of thing that gets cooked off by the relentless churn of 82 games, and maybe it's worn down by players learning changes to last year's systems, and maybe it's coaches' eternal quest to find the just-right adjustments to make their teams as boring as possible by the end of November.

But, like, did you watch that Edmonton Oilers/New Jersey Devils game last night? What about the 8-5 Vancouver Canucks/Anaheim Ducks game? Or the Vegas Golden Knights/Ottawa Senators tilt? They rocked! I loved to watch various parts of them.

So let's savour it while we can: Hock

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