EP Rinkside 3 Stars: 3 Skills

It's NHL All-Star weekend and that means there were like five games or something like that. So I'm not gonna sit here and say, “Oh did David Pastrňák score a goal????” He did. He's great. That's fine.

Instead what I wanna talk about this week is the true highlight of All-Star weekend: The Skills Competition. Yeah, it can be fun to watch the 3-on-3 but if you're one of those “THEY’RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO SLASH EACH OTHER” guys, then that's not gonna give you a lot of mileage, either.

So instead what I want to do is talk about the three best Skills Competition events. Because there's a lot to like in there, and very little to actually dislike. The ones I think are the best? Well my friend, those are the true three stars this week.

Let’s go:

3. Breakaway challenge

This one is the one where like Alex

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