2024 NHL All-Star Game will be in Toronto

The league officially announced that the 2024 NHL All-Star Game will be in Toronto. 

It’s not surprising, Toronto will always be in the All-Star Game rotation, but it is a hard shift from the past two All-Star games in Las Vegas and Florida. 

Warm weather sites understandably play favorably with the players. This past week players have enjoyed spending time on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, and it was demonstrably more of a family affair. 

Between players, sponsors, and other league big-wigs, the league had more than 7,000 guests in town for All-Star Weekend, an all-time high according to Gary Bettman

He downplayed it and diplomatically made a point to say all locations would be considered in the future, but there have been rumblings from within NHL teams that there will become an informal “rotation” of all-star locations in the future that check off the boxes that places like Florida and Vegas provide. 


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