Red Wings trade Jakub Vrana to Blues for 7th round pick and AHLer

The Detroit Red Wings parted ways with Jakub Vrána on Friday, trading him to the St. Louis Blues for a seventh-round pick and prospect Dylan McLaughlin

Detroit will retain 50 percent of Vrana's season for the remainder of this season and the next. 

Vrana had a checkered season in Detroit. After opening the season with the Red Wings he missed time as he checked into the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program, after returning from the program he was waived and unclaimed and spent time in the AHL. 

Over the past two weeks the Red Wings played him a couple times, with hopes of showcasing him for a trade. 

Even with 50 percent retained the Red Wings limited the long-term cap implications of parting with Vrana because a buyout, which seemed likely, would have been spread out over multiple seasons. 


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