NHL salary cap still expected to go up only $1 million next season

Gary Bettman says the cap could go up more after a conversation with the NHLPA, but general managers are still only planning on a $1 million increase next season. 

Bettman said in his post-meeting media availability that he would talk with incoming NHLPA head Marty Walsh about potentially raising the cap, but as of now that's nothing more than a plan for a conversation. 

NHL Players are still actively paying down the escrow debt to owners, which was caused by the COVID-19 economic downturn across the league. Players and owners split hockey related revenue 50-50, and if the league doesn't make enough for a 50-50 split, the players owe it back to owners through escrow. 

The escrow debt could have been paid off this season with a robust economic impact, but it appears there will still be at least one more season of a flat cap. 

The GM Meetings also came with the official announcement of the NHL Draft Lottery for May 8, which means it's less than two months till we know which team will draft Connor Bedard


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