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Elite Prospects partners with Home of Hockey to present live viewing of Örebro HK vs. Skellefteå AIK

We are proud to announce that Elite Prospects has partnered with Home of Hockey to offer you a free, live broadcast of Örebro HK and Skellefteå AIK's match on Saturday, December 2 at 9 AM Eastern.

All Elite Prospects users will be able to access the stream of this SHL contest by following this link in time for tomorrow's broadcast.

This clash between Örebro and Skellefteå has serious standings implications, too. With a win, Skellefteå can jump three spots in the standings, all the way to fourth place in the entire SHL; Örebro, meanwhile, can leapfrog Skellefteå with a win and take their place in seventh.

Perhaps more importantly for the purposes of our audience though, this game has the potential to feature more than its fair share of affiliated skater prospects.

Skellefteå's roster will boast NHL Draft picks like Axel Sandin Pellikka (Detroit Red Wings), Elias Salomonsson (Winnipeg Jets), Anton Olsson (Nashville Predators), Zeb Forsfjäll (Seattle Kraken), and Simon Robertsson (St. Louis Blues). They also host three players from our debut European free agent guide last year, including Rickard Hugg, Jonathan Pudas, and Linus Söderström.

Örebro, meanwhile, has a youth movement of its own led by Jonathan Lekkerimäki (Vancouver Canucks) and Milton Oscarson (Chicago Blackhawks).

The game will be broadcasted with English-speaking commentary and play-by-play to ensure accessibility to our North American audience. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see high-level hockey for free on Elite Prospects!

Home of Hockey is a new hockey streaming platform for all your Swedish and Finnish hockey needs and provides several subscription packages.

To check out their territory terms to see which matches are available in your location click here.

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