World Juniors 2024

Young defenders want to emulate Moritz Seider, meanwhile he's most proud of his impact in Germany

We too often look at the World Junior Championships with a North American sports perspective. 

It’s all about winning or losing, the countries that have medaled have achieved, while those who have not have failed. It’s about winning or losing, context be damned.

In reality, we should be looking at World Junior with more of a European mindset. Where, yes, winning is important, but ideologically the system is in place through promotion and relegation to elevate the entire sport. 

You will have some blowouts in the process. That’s understandable, but those who call for the tournament to be reduced from 10 to eight teams, or further contraction, often miss the greater point.

Use Germany as a case study. 

German hockey has been on a meteoric rise in the 2010s, highlighted by Leon Draisaitl winning t

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